Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Scraps and Snippets ~ Vegan Mofo Day #2. Chatting up Vegan Protein...

I thought I might post a recipe tonight. 

But then I pulled a shift at the organic CSA and bagged about 25 pounds of heirloom tomato seconds. So. I sliced and diced and chopped up tomatoes and some fresh basil and garlic and am crockpotting this delicious mixture overnight into a delicious multipurpose sauce that I'll can tomorrow. Whew. 

Now. Of note, this sauce is VEGAN. Yay. So I could chat about it and justify my Vegan Mofo status, but, since I said I'd share some protein stats with you, I'll just go ahead and do that here, too. 

Most adults need 40 - 65 grams of protein per day. Even non-Vegan focused websites suggest that meat in not the only source of protein, nor the best. Soy, beans, legumes and nuts are suggested as good and often better protein sources. 

How does plant protein add up? 

Soy: Edamame 

Tofu is lighter on the protein scale than organic edamame. I say organic because soy gets it's somewhat soiled reputation because most soy is genetically modified, cheap, super processed and in nearly every convenience food on the market. Soy, standard American style, is not our friend. However, organic or GMO free soy in it's natural packaging is delicious, nutritious and not of huge concern to the average bear (there is a little flutter over plant based estrogen).

Edamame (either in pods and roasted and lightly salted, or naked and tossed in a salad weighs in at 29 grams of protein per cup). Also. We are talking a complete protein as well. Win. Win. 

Hmmm. Should I do something with edamame for dinner tomorrow night? Let me sleep on it. You have to come back if you want to know. 

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