Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Commercial Re-enactment.

Commercials are teeny-tiny movies. When I feel particularly distracted, commercials are kind of "it" for me and all my attention span will embrace. Most leave me feeling blah and bored and send me scurrying out of the room. But then there are the classic ones that stick with me. Usually those are the ones that make me laugh.

I don't always remember the sponsor or the product behind the commercial which may completely make the whole endeavor a moot thang. But, oh well.

That said. I used to tear up at Folgers and Hallmark commercials. You know where the college kid arrived home and woke his mama up with a pot of coffee...that got me. And, well, the Hallmark don't really need further expounding.

A recent commercial series shows awkward moments. A person leaning over a fence and picking a flower just as the gardener stands up and catches the perp. My favorite is the two women who meet up and hug and chat, and then both come to the realization that one of them holds a bag of dog poop.


Well, that one hit a bit close to home yesterday. Or it went way beyond. But I'm going to save it. Next week is national "I Love Dogs" or somesuch week. So, to be continued.