Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day #8 QuitCHIR ~ Feeling Fine?

How do you feel right now? 

Exhausted, overwhelmed, overextended, bored, or on top of the world? 

Maybe you need to give yourself permission to take a long nap. Lack of sleep or rest can suck the life right out of life. If your sleep account is overdrawn, schedule a day of rest in your very near future or go to bed an hour earlier every night for a week. Avoid caffeine after lunch if you are sensitive to the effects. Or quit playing the snooze alarm game and just set your alarm for a half hour later than normal so your last half hour is actual sleep. Look at your productivity levels. Do you feel most productive in the morning? Do you love to work with the midnight oil burning? Rearrange some of your duties and responsibilities to fit into those times of productivity. 

Overwhelmed and overextended are danger signs. Can you escape some duties that are flexible, rethink the way you do a task or give some details away to another person?  Or choose to make those details unimportant for a period of time. Your well-being and sanity are more important than tiny details.  

When was the last time you listened to the cues your body is sending you? Do you regularly hit a mid-afternoon slump? Or a mid-morning crash? Eating breakfast, or adding protein to and cutting out processed white flour, white sugar from the food you do eat could make all the difference in how you feel? Try water instead of soda at lunch. Look for lunches that contain real food, not highly processed fast and hot "meals", or chemical concoctions that do not give your body the fuel it needs.