Friday, August 09, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A New Adventure Afoot...Or Uhhh....CHALLENGE

My teacher moved me into a new violin book. I am so excited and so terrified. 

After a few weeks (I lost count, hmmm, let's say three and let's guesstimate 500 minutes) of practice and the nine notes played endlessly during my lesson last week, I got to leave behind my minuet and the William Tell Overture. And they were the end of the first book I got way back in December. 

So. Look at the difference between these two books. Both are pictures of Page 13. 

Exhibit A is the book I'm done with. Look. Jingle Bells. I was working on that around nice. Ehhh? 

Exhibit B is some crazy practice book written in 1905. He read the introduction and I made a mental note to look up a full quarter of the words he was spewing. They were wicked smart with words back in the day. Note to self: vocabulary word a day app pronto. 

So part of my lesson yesterday was passing my test with the minuet and William Tell Overture. He only made me repeat a few rough patches, deemed it good, told me to slowly play my other thorn-in-the-side song (which I'm still working on for another week) while he ran upstairs to the music showroom. He came back down with a gleam in his eye and my new book. He kind of played the new book as a really big exciting deal, read the intro then showed me the first page. 

He asked for my violin and showed me what I'll eventually be doing with all those TEENY TINY closely spaced dots and lines. And showed me some fun things they did with music back in 1905 when they didn't have video games. Ways to practice creatively to learn new skillz and discover how music can change radically with just a tiny bit of change. I may not be moving to a new book in this decade. I did enjoy watching and listening to him give a mini-concert. Sure hope he's ready to listen to my "art" for a very long time.