Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles - A What Dog?

Lola is our watch dog. Amazing that a deep doberman-woof can come out of the wriggly, gangly puppy body.
Lily, well, she'll beat you up in an attempt to get a full body hug.

But today Lily revealed her inner "Thor."

Did the UPS man come to the door? No. That wasn't it.

An unfamiliar relative barged in and startled her?


Not the mail carrier, or a strange dog, or a loud noise. Nope.

The sun.

Yes. I said the sun.

I always thought a sun dog was a quirk in a celestial body. How strange that I would have a quirk within my family.

So, Lola is our watch dog. Lily is our slobbering sun dog. That works. It also explains why Lily wakes and whines with the sunrise.
Yes, Janet, I do think they are cute...