Monday, September 19, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Hornswoggle Away!

Get a chance to hornswoggle a copy here and here!!!! 

Serials and Scenarios ~ Another Day, Another Blog Tour!

Goodness. Things will slow down a little. I had four right on top of each other. 

Stitches Thru Time asked for an article so I provided a foodie bent one. Zula is claiming the recipes as hers and that's just fine and dandy. 

Highlights of the weekend bookwise? 

Finding out we were in the Top 100 Amazon inspirational e-books. Now, I don't want to brag but being number 28 and currently beating TWO of Karen Kingsbury's books is pretty exciting for me...

Getting a copy in the mail, finally. So I was able to hold my book. 

My cute baby grandson holding the kindle version!!! 

First autograph!! Autographing my mom's copy. That seems only right since a) birthed me b) supported the crap outta me in my early writing years! 

Getting a "YOU DID IT" proud of you card from my brother and his lovely family!

Having a friend order her copy on her phone right in front of me after church and teasing me about being famous the whole time. 

Highlights of the weekend? Family dinner last night! I love my famtastics!!!! Laughter is the song of my people and it does a soul good! 

Electrical being placed in my new bedroom. All rooms but my current bedroom's content moved to my current bedroom and I have plenty of room to walk. That's huge. We had three bedrooms full of stuff. Now it's manageable and most of it has places to go in our new "Wing" I'm going to call our section of the house the Lower East Wing. LEW for short. Ha. Ha. Ha. And we purchased the flooring and the new windows and a bit of drywall was nailed into place. Reconfiguring a doorway so that other things can happen. Hopefully cleaning a two-story house for next to the last time. I now will be fully responsible for three rooms and halfway responsible for two. I LIKE IT! 

Giving tours of LEW.