Friday, May 25, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Law Lessons ~ Moving On

I’m sad I'm done with my Citizen’s Police Academy classes. Not only was it informative and fun, but it has so, so given me a deep respect for these men and women who keep our community safe. If you are a law enforcement officer and happen to stumble upon this post, thank you. I think that when we (the clueless citizens of the world) feel safe and can sleep well at night we kind of take for granted that someone is making that possible.

Since Memorial Day is coming, and since it’s fresh on my mind… here is my shout out to all military and service professionals and volunteers who clean up our lives, keep us safe, and provide a life that we Americans expect and demand. Thank you for the price you have been willing to pay. And forgive us for being ignorant and ridiculous and selfish. Because we are all of those things. I hope that I will be a lot less all of the above after sitting through this class.

Thank you for working while we sleep (literally) and while we are away from our homes and while we are on the roads. Thank you for being gutsy enough to take the crap that is dished out, and strong enough not to retaliate with the power you’ve been entrusted with. Thank you for silently watching wherever you go. Thank you for suffering in that silence when you observe and experience the seamy ugliness of the depraved and broken human soul. Thank you for being willing to do this day after day, not knowing what you will encounter.

Thank you for being the grown up, the adult, the voice of reason and actually caring about the outcome in so many “reality television show” type dramas. Thank you for stopping speeders and red light runners. Thank you for stopping drivers who weave around in traffic whether they are under the influence of texting or talking, alcohol or drugs, or even just stupidity. Thank you for attempting to teach and redirect those who don’t know how to parent or be in a relationship with someone else. Thank you for showing up and being men and women of honor and integrity. Thank you for taking a hit and standing back up again willing yourself to heal so you can reenter the game.

Thank you.