Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Growing Pains

Hail storms are very efficient. Not only can they decimate produce that is just a few hours from being perfect, the damage done stretches beyond days into weeks. 

Though it's been almost three weeks since the softball, baseball and golf ball sized hail pummeled the organic farm, there is still clean up going on. The dead and dying invite insects and encroach on the healthy fruit. The tomato harvest is one-fifth of what was promised by the blossoms and sets.

The corn harvest ground to a halt. Hail pelted the ears leaving cracks for insects and bruised kernels. Leaves were stripped off, and tassels were broken. The tassel pollinates the corn. Triple whammy. 

But. Once again I am reminded that life does go on. There will be more next year and beyond. This was not a vineyard torn up by the roots. Or a grove of pecan trees broken off at ground level. Even now the farmers are harvesting seeds for next year. The asparagus grows strong, oblivious to the fate of the corn and tomatoes. A few squash plants have reappeared after being swept into another section in the garden. And the basil shows no evidence of trauma. Baby lettuce embraces the sun and begins to peek out at the big world around it.  Life does indeed go on.