Friday, February 08, 2013

QuitCHIR # Open the Door...

I snapped this picture when touring a local, historic jail.

And it occurs to me that our lives are a lot like this wall in the jail cell.

We write our version of our story on top of the circumstances that have placed the walls in the first place.

And then many of us continue to be imprisoned by the story, the walls, and the bars.

But, the jail I visited was open to come and go. It would have been a little crazy for me to close the door, sit down on the metal bunk and claim my place in that cell. 

Because the words written on that wall aren't my life, my story to tell. Nor are the words that I've written on my own walls complete truth. We are not stuck in the cell, and with that story, those words, unless we don't do anything about it. 

Choose to live. All aspects of living. Reclaim, Rewrite. Live. 

So. I wrote new words.