Saturday, December 06, 2008

Super Cinema Saturday ~ Hancock

My Review of Hancock: Viewer warning -- Language, violence, alcohol use. Complete bad boy behavior earning a PG-13 rating.
(There is an unrated version which I'm sure is even more over the top.) But...keep reading for my review.

I knew nothing about the storyline in Hancock other than he was a superhero with a seriously bad attitude. I rented it just because we are compelled to watch all the superhero movies.

What I knew was definitely true. Everyone hates him. His first heroic act in the movie began with a little boy shaking him out of his drunken stupor. He then flew off and created millions of dollars in damage.

In spite of the cursing, which there is quite a bit, and a few scenes of unpleasant violence, and lots of drinking, this movie delivers a great couple of messages. Hancock lets an image consultant help him through the steps of becoming a better superhero and in the process a better man. Ray, Justin Bateman, is a terrific father/family man and friend to Hancock. There are scenes that are downright touching.

A plot twist completely caught me by surprise. (I could've read the box and not been completely surprised, though.)

Hancock is one of the more entertaining and creative superhero movies I've seen. We will be purchasing it for our family DVD library.