Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Part Lobster

My cousin Emily nominated me for a Liebster Award. Nepotism lives!

She is an adorable little foodie, soon to be first time baby mama, and shared part of my honeymoon with me. My hubby and I babysat Emily and her siblings and chilled in lovely Kansas City. That is a bonus fact for you.

Here's where to find Emily on the WWW. And in addition to the bonus factoid above, I'll answer two of these today and be back with the rest next week. 

My questions for my chosen bloggers: 
1.  Who is your favorite musician and what is your favorite song of theirs?
2.  If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?

3.  What is your favorite movie from your teenage years? Share what you love most about it, why it’s your favorite.  
Sixteen Candles for the humor and the one-liners. One I don't think I'd want my kids to watch as teens, but there you go. 

4.  What inspired you to start blogging?  
This one is pretty easy. I had just discovered on-line forums for expression way back in 2005. Somehow, blogging seemed like the way to work on my skills and networking. Novel Rocket was started by a writing critique partner, Gina Holmes, and her blog took off. She invited me to manage a day or so there and run Novel Reviews which was a spin off. Scrambled Dregs is kind of exactly what it started out as, random tidbits. It's just part of me and has evolved with me. 

5.  What is an experience in your life that you feel defines you as a person? (it can be good, or bad, just something that you feel shaped who you are now)

6.  What is your greatest accomplishment? 
I have to say that seeing my adult children become, and grow into, the amazing people they are gives me such satisfaction. God deserves 100% of the credit. Honestly. I spent far too many months and years of their formative years making stupid decisions to think I had much to do with their awesomeness. I do know that I loved them imperfectly and somehow they know that, otherwise, it's all God's grace. And they are amazing people. I am proud to call them my kids and friends. 

7.  What is your favorite character from your favorite TV show, and why? (I was going to narrow this down to Friends but I thought that would be unfair if anyone was one of the rare few who didn’t watch Friends.) 
Ron Swanson! Do I need to tell y'all why? 
8.  Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Describe it.
9.  On the same note, if there was anywhere in the world you could go to, where would it be and why? (for the hypothetical money and logistics are no object! :) )
10. What is a unique talent of yours?
11. If you could share one piece of wisdom that you’ve learned in life, what would it be?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Saving Some Money

I've found a couple of Apps I've found that pay me for things I'm already buying. I'm not motivated by couponing because it's so involved. And I'm not that organized. I do like the idea of getting money back and saving money on things I usually buy without a coupon because we need or use the items. 

Ibotta is the first one. I think this will only benefit me once in awhile, but I already have $1.00 in my queue on one product that I would buy whether or not it was on sale. I also used by red card at Target and got 5% off and it didn't take away from the rebate. 

If you use my code we both win. So give it a try if you are interested.

Receipt Hog gave me points for the receipt from Target that I scanned through Ibotta, too. So three benefits from one product purchase. LIKEY.

The explanation of this cute App which is super easy and earns me gift cards to Amazon or cash on money I'm already spending. :  ) Win. Win. 

I’m getting paid for my shopping with an app called Receipt Hog, and you should try it out. All you do is take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Receipt Hog will pay you. It's that simple. And if you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the “Hog Slots” slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s free.

Plus, if you use this referral code, we’ll both get extra spins at the Hog Slots when you submit your first receipt: soy20596

So join me in earning some easy cash. You can download the app here:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Squirrel!

As I type this I am being buffeted and body slammed by my beasts. Wrestling is pretty much 85% of their non-napping time. The other 15% is eating or begging for treats. Wait. That's not fair. Out of the 85% comes "Squirrel Time" "Squirrel Time" is a flirt stick. The girls LOVE the squirrel on a stick. It helps that it has two squeakers. When they get a hold of it they go to town. Squirrel Time is a daily or twice daily event. They run to the refrigerator and look up and sit patiently waiting for me to take down the world's best toy. In case I'm not paying attention Gertrude will let out an occasional bark to let me know that it is most definitely time to play. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ On the Edge

This violin thing has been going on for two years. TWO YEARS. Granted, there's been progress, lots of it. But part of me feels like I should be symphony ready by now.

It helps when I hear musicians who are talented at their instruments say that they tried violin and gave up because it was so complicated, or that they were certain they couldn't pull it off because the dang thing doesn't have frets.

My last lesson included tears. (Mine, not his. ) Why did I cry? Pure frustration. The notes I wanted to hit would fall short of reaching the goal, my timing got wacky and then the song I was playing didn't even sound like a recognizable song. AUGH!

My teacher calmed me down. Okay. I wasn't ugly crying or wailing, just a few tears. He didn't have to threaten to call someone to intervene. But he said (hope it wasn't something said to crazy people to let them down easy, dang it!) that it's really good that I can hear that the music I'm wanting to make is not coming out of my violin. To differentiate my playing on a scale from really awful to only a few mistakes is a skill. And I'm developing it which means I'm going to get there. 

Well, I'm sure not giving up now. One of these days. It's going to click. BTW Blogger ate half of this post. I thought it published this morning but not only did it not, it ate up some of what I had typed. Oh technology! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles - Blog Repellent

I was planning on an epic post. But the girls wanted snuggle time. Could you resist? Yeah. Me either. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scraps and Snippets ~ Pirate Scotcheroos

Argh. I love me some salty with me sweet. These salty bars will knock the parrot right off your shoulder, matey. 

You know the classic Scotcheroo recipe? There are several out there. Here's a new vegan (check your ingredient labels to be sure) sweet and salty version for you. 

Let's just say these are tasty. 

3 Cups krispie or flaky cereal of choice 
2 1/2 Cups chopped/crushed pretzels
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup light corn syrup (I'm thinking brown rice syrup would work as well)
1 1/2 Cup peanut butter

2 Cups chocolate chips (or if you want to spring for dairy free butterscotch you can go 1/2 and 1/2)
1/4 to 1/3 Cup peanut butter

Grease a 9 x 13.

Place sugar and corn syrup in a large sauce pan. Stir until the sugar begins to melt and mixture begins to boil. Add peanut butter, remove from heat and stir well until mixed. Pour in cereal and crushed pretzels and stir until cereal is coated. Pour and press mixture into pan. 

Using a double boiler (or a smaller pan sitting on top of another with water set over a medium flame) place peanut butter in the upper pan and add chips. Stir frequently until melted. Pour and spread over bars. Let sit at least a half hour then cut into squares. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scraps and Snippets ~ Leftover Fun

 I had a cup of leftover vegan cheese some leftover enchilada sauce and half a package of Gardein meatless crumbles and a potluck I needed to make food for.  I didn't have enough of any of those to make enchiladas like I did the week before when our church service and potluck got cancelled, so I decided I'd combine em and smear the mixture on tortillas. For the record, the enchiladas were tasty, too. 
Granted, these aren't the prettiest roll-ups in the world. I think if I had smeared more on the tortilla they'd have been plumper and more zaftig. These were EASY and tasty used up some leftovers. 

This vegan cheese is freaky good. Check out the recipe. I'm not sure I'd change it up much, maybe a little garlic powder. It's made from potatoes, carrots, nutritional yeast, oil and lemon juice. The texture is very much like canned nacho cheese. It would be amazing with salsa and/or meatless crumble in one of those little crockpots and served with tortilla chips. 

This is Gladys' opinion, typed by her little paws --- "saq1"--- I think it's positive in nature since she did gladly lick bowls.
Regardless of what the dogs think and the maybe not so beautiful rolling job, these were tasty and disappeared from the table. I love easy tricks. 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Progress

I'm making serious progress on my purging goal. My count as of yesterday is 869. I'm not going to stop, this is addictive. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to be clutter free. I would need to get rid of way more than 1,000 items to make that claim. And I do live with another person who kinda doesn't mind his clutter so there's that. But I like the feeling of being unpinched, if that makes sense. 

I have room in all my drawers and even a few empties. My clothes fit neatly in my closet and I can slide things wide and far apart. 

I'll tell you, it's getting really personal now. The first few passes were clothes I honestly didn't think about. The last pass was items that were security for me. Not that I wore them frequently but they were ones I knew I could grab or had on hand if such and such occasion came up. Some even looked okay on. But if it didn't make sense to keep the item, it had to go. I don't really need four black tank tops. Nor do I need 17 skirts that are cute enough if I don't wear them. The above picture is the whittled down section, the lower picture is when I had fifty outfit choices I could make on any given day. I didn't have to do laundry for weeks. Except I still went for the same things that I liked and felt good in.  And most of the items in that closet didn't fit that criteria. I still have things that will go. I'm giving them a chance to come through for me, but the time on that chance is ticking down. 

Oddly, even though I got rid of more dish towels than I kept, more socks and underwear than I kept, I haven't run out of any of the above mentioned items and I don't miss digging through items to find the favorites. I even have given away about 100 hangers. (I didn't count each hanger in my 1,000 total only groups of 10 counted as 1.) I love that there are others benefitting from my excess. So far a local homeless shelter, a women and families ministry and a local high school service organization are sharing in my bounty. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Snow Day

Gladys is NOT Amused
With our "blizzard" aka 6 inches of snow and blow we had a snow day at the local schools. Including our kids. 

& had to work so I offered to take the kids for the afternoon. 

Here are the high points: 

Three bags came in with the kids. Outdoor fun was number one on the list. So even though their mother told them no less than 4 times to go potty, nobody had to go. 

Locked and loaded we headed out for our adventure. The 2 older kids found a huge pile of snow and commenced trouncing in it. 

The lil one discovered that the pups enjoyed knocking her feet out from underneath her. Right as mom was driving down the road Lil buffed it face first. Ugh! I prepped to hear the high pitched keening of injury and for triage. But she laughed. Oh, sweet mercy we skated past that one. 

One of the older ones screamed and raised a sock foot in the air. I pulled a boot from the snow bank and replaced it on the foot. We headed down to softer ground and I heard. "Let's get this started." And glanced over to see a huge 8 inch ice chunk headed toward my head. Nailed it! She clocked me in my left temple. That girl has arm. With birdies and stars swirling and dancing round my head, I explained that ice balls are not what we throw in a snowball fight. Two more boot in snow issues and some peaceful calm while 3 kids made snow angels and 4 dogs pounced and played. 

Then the little bit decided she wanted to go in. I suggested other things to do. She looked up at me with her little hat all dusted in snow and 2 gooey nose tracks trickling toward her mouth. "I'm cold." Then the middle one tore over to me with matching nose goo. 

"Okay, I'm going to take the little ones in because they are cold. You can play in the backyard with the dogs." I said to the oldest. 

"I have to go pee." 

Time spent outdoors? Fifteen minutes. 

Story potential? Limitless.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Wait Twenty Minutes

Oh, Iowa. In one hundred hours our temperature and landscape changed dramatically. Tuesday hit 60+ with sun and not a lick of snow. Saturday unleashed. It snowed and blew through Sunday with a snow day declared in the metro area that extended into Monday. There is a saying in Iowa. "If you don't like the weather wait twenty minutes, it'll change."