Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Bleeding Glass

On bleeding in public places.

I look at this as a mixed bag of blessings. A) There was laughter involved. At me, but that's okay because I was laughing, too. B) I had to go to the bathroom anyhoo, and was putting it off because I was obsessed with the project on which I was working. And my focus kept diverting itself to my screaming bladder. C) Blog content.

Scene: Creating glass fusion ornaments. Now that may sound like a sweet nightclub...Glass Fusion...but it's not. It's playing around with and gluing bits and pieces of glass onto other bits and pieces of glass so the instructor can melt it together in a 1300 degree kiln.

24, my mom, a few friends and I took a glass fusion class right before Thanksgiving. I'd show you pictures but some of them are Christmas gifts. : ). So I won't. Not now anyway. Okay, here's one. This was so much fun we signed up again. Last night I made six more creations. And cut myself...actually, I stabbed myself with spaghetti glass.

My dad and uncle, and one of his friends took the class last night, too. My dad is the Monet of glass artists. He actually brought photos of scenery and recreated them in glass. I can't wait to see those fired. My uncle created one perfect tiny square mosaic, and my uncle's friend created a chain saw. Yes. Really. Ha.

I may end up in the newspaper, too. Before I stabbed myself. The reporter should have stuck around for the real story. But alas, she left before the chainsaw massacre. And the spaghetti glass stabbing.