Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Delirium

Thank you for your grace. I have been slacking. I have a load of excuses. Furry excuses, lame excuses (puns intended), and legit excuses.

The next couple weeks are full of two extra hounds, a sleepover grandchild with a schedule. Blessedly, my weeks will include a haircut tomorrow. My mop is mopey. Sloppy, curly, long and HOT.

I get to interview with human resources to see if my 20 years is worth the same or more money. To see if I am going to be a little compensated for the loss of days per year of benefits through this merger, or if I am going to just have to be grateful to have a job.

Rob is doing so well with his new knee. But he's not 100% and not likely to be for quite awhile. I am feeling the burden of his long ordeal and feeling guilty for owning any of his illness because he's the sick one. I would have been a hot mess if I'd had no knee.

I'm feeling behind and ill prepared for a book release in September. Soon I get to share a cover photo. I also get to ramp up social media to promote. My Gertrude is currently whining and pushing two chairs against each other to make them squeak to get attention. My daughter's Lola wants to go out to pee, again. And I blessedly just finished my monthly article that is due on the 5th of every month with two hours to spare.

I'm not whining. Just stating that I'm grateful for grace and will need a lot more of it over the next couple of months. Good is happening, and bad always will until the battle is finished. And God is in control.