Friday, June 14, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ B and B for Cats...

Random flower bush thingy growing in the woods at the edge of my yard. No idea what it is but it's pretty. 

And. H.C. aka Harold Crick, aka the "new" cat is no longer hanging around. 

I think he may have been passing through. I have a feeling our porch was advertised on Airbnb. I haven't been compensated. But, I did provide a bed and breakfast and a light dinner several nights. Also friendly interaction. So I'm expecting great reviews. I think he must have been in town for the art fair last weekend. 

Or. Oh no. Maybe he was scouting things out for College World Series which starts this weekend. I better look for my listing on airpetbnb. I want to see what I'm offering. I only picked up dry food today.