Monday, October 20, 2008

Serials and Scenarios ~ Murder on the Ol' Bunions

Cozy mystery fans will want to read the first chapter.

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And now, my review.

Sandra Moore's debut novel sings. Snappy and creative wordsmithing, characters of substance and humor, and a mystery that will keep most readers guessing make Murder on the Ol Bunions an entertaining read. LaTisha is a laugh-out-loud, sarcastic woman with a strong will and a big soft heart.

Moore peppers her novel with delicious culinary moments, twisted red herrings and enough snarky commentary to keep half the town fed and on their toes. Long-suffering Hardy got my sympathy vote when LaTisha went into an occasional "keep out of her way" mode, but he got his darts in and the result of their interaction was as amusing as a sit-com. LaTisha's big heart makes her very sympathetic as she mourns her empty nest, and her able skills make her as asset to the tiny police department.

Those who love cozy mysteries should enjoy Murder on the Ol Bunions as much as I did, especially if you love strong women who put on a touch of tude.