Thursday, July 01, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Fun with Words

A few of my favorite and not so favorite words.


Made infamous by Napoleon Dynamite, decroded was used to describe a piece of -rap. This went on to become even funnier when a friend who drove a minivan which needed yet another multi-Franklin visit to the mechanic used "decroded piece of cr--" to describe said minivan.


Not my favorite. I believe you might know why. SHUDDER!

Discombobulated. (as pictured)

This is just fun to say. And it feels a little onomatopoeia-ish don't you think?


Fun. Who doesn't like words that sound like what they mean? I always think of the 60's era Batman with the cartoon words splashed across the tiny television screens during the fights. Pow! Bam!

Next not so favorite.

Drama. Really. Life is just tough enough to make it any more complicated by insisting on writing our own scripts and parts for others. And then punishing others for not picking up on the cues.

Sleep is a great word. And even though this will post automatically while I'm sleeping early Thursday morning, I am writing it late Wednesday night and I'm tired. So off to sleep I go.

Sweet dreams. I like that set of words, too.