Saturday, September 25, 2010

Super Cinema Saturday

My thoughts on recently viewed movies.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is the pre-story...the story of Robin Hood's journey to his calling.

Fans of epic, war or love stories should end up liking the introductory Robin Hood (and his merry men) as much as I did, though. And I would like to see a sequel with the telling of the classic Robin Hood story and there was a nice set up for that to happen.

Marion and Robin's storyline is sweet and should satisfy women who detest "guy" movies. There are battle scenes but they are played out in fast forward clashes that are not horrifically violent because there is so much going on and it moves so fast that the violence is mostly flickers and images.

Content Warning: Most of this film is older kid friendly but there is a scene toward the beginning of the movie that is uncomfortably sexual between Prince John, his lover and his mother. A bit creepy.

Sherlock Holmes

I'm just going to have to admit I'm a Robert Downey Jr. fan. In Sherlock Holmes he plays a quirky, borderline mad scientist, genius in the title role. The casting for the film was perfect. Jude Law is exceptional as the uptight and torn Dr. Watson.

The mystery is creative and nicely twisted. Sarcastic modernesque dialog and character interaction that ebbs and flows from love, hate, bitterness, wistfulness and true friendship and back makes this film a rich character piece as well as entertaining fun.

The action sequences are stunning, too, employing fast forward and slow motion segments that keep the viewer's mind hopping. Though this style is used in more and more films, Ritchie makes this quirky, choppy style work exceptionally well in Holmes.

Overall this is a family friendly movie. However, sensitive kids would likely have some trouble with some truly creepy scenes. There are elements of the occult and easily frightened kids will probably be spooked by several scenes.


Invictus is more about the heart of President Nelson Mandela rather than the Bokks rugby team. This film paints a beautiful picture of forgiveness, courage and the strength that comes from choosing to walk the high road with dignity. Two of the people I viewed the movie with thought there was a lack of action. I tend to like slower character pieces so that may be why I liked the movie more than they did. There are moments where the film clips along and is about Rugby, but Invictus is not just a pure feel good sports movie -- its bigger than that. Note for parents. A few characters drop the F-Bomb but with their accents it's muted. This story is one that older kids should watch because it is inspiring and powerful and it stresses the humanity and beauty in each of us regardless of skin color, ability or language.