Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Leavin on a Jet Plane, but Never Fear, You're Coming Along...

I haven't mentioned my upcoming travel plans on the blog yet. So consider this an announcement. My daughter (also known as &) and I have a trip planned. Started out a road trip and has morphed into a super sweet deal on plane tickets and stays at two different Air BnB's. 

Where are we going? Seattle and Portland. Why? Well, one of us had a crazy idea that we should honor some significant birthdays. One of us is currently twenty-five and one of us is ahem...forty-nine. We will be celebrating the flipping of the mileage counter past and upcoming. 

Why did we pick Portland/Seattle? Veg Fest. We are flying to Seattle, hanging out and being tourists, going on a coffee crawl, seeing the sights, shopping, walking then heading to Portland for two days of Vegan seminars and booths, and Multnomah Falls, and places that have been blogged about by other Portland fans. 

To prepare, we've been researching and watching episodes of Portlandia. Ha. Ha. Should be a very crazy fun trip. 

I'll be I-phone blogging travel updates so you can come along for the fun. Who knows what will appear here. 

But before I head out on a jet plane I'm going to post a recipe for peanut butter caramel. 


Here's a teaser. This caramel sauce tops one of the desserts that I've been experimenting with for Vegan MOFO. The whole recipe will be appearing here in October. And you are going to want the whole recipe. But, tomorrow, you can come back for a sliver of the delicious concoction -- something delicious to dribble over ice cream or eat by spoonfuls.