Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Thursday Notes to Self -- and You

Indulge me while I rant.

I work in a medical clinic. My co-workers and I often have to gather information or give patients instructions. Important ones, unless a patient doesn't care if they have to repeat a fasting blood test, etc. etc. We've discovered this out-of-control phenomena wherein a high percentage of patients have a cell phone surgically attached to their head. Or maybe it just seems like it.

My favorite was the day I had a patient positioned in front of the x-ray box, lights off, target in place and the cell phone rang. Patient says, "I have to get that," just as my finger readied to press the button of no return. After what sounded like a life and death important conversation, NOT, we continued. We've posted signs, which people don't read, regarding our policy prohibiting cell phones in our exam rooms.

My three kids all work in people service industries and they say it's a problem there, too. One lady glared daggers at my daughter because she asked for ID with a check payment.

So for the sake of peace and for the love of common sense...could we all make a pact to put down the cell phone when making transactions or interacting with a live person who needs to help us in our activities of daily living? Unless, of course, you are formulating the cure for cancer, solving world hunger or ushering peace into the those situations, I'll gladly wait.

Next thought....

Our son and daughter-in-law were married three years ago yesterday. Whoa! Where did that time go? They are a great couple and we love to be around them. So our gift? Hee,hee,hee, or shall I say gift with strings? A dinner or lunch on us and WITH us. Who needs stinking gift cards?

Last thought...

I hope not, maybe I'll say last thought I'll write about.

I find it extremely cool that people are discovering new authors and great books through book reviews, first chapters and interviews on the Dregs. Today a friend waxed enthusiastically about two books I blogged, ones she has now added to her "to read" list. Several weeks ago another friend told me she bought a book on CD because of my recommendation of the author's work.

Of course, this also stirs my angst... Oh, the crushing responsibility of it all.