Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - To Dance in the Desert

Newcomer Kathleen Popa is making a splash in Christian literature. Her novel review is below. Make sure to check out other reviews by clicking on the book cover. And go visit her website. Her Dregs interview is Friday 7-27

My Review:

Kathleen Popa's debut novel blends a heart-twistingly beautiful tale of human frailties and ugliness with the love of God working through broken characters.

From the rigid Bible professor who has God all figured out and bullet-pointed directions for anyone else who might need help, to the inner whisper that tells Dara that she is sought by God -- this story is full of forgiveness and renewal.

Love blows through the narrative like a wind across a desert, lifting, shifting and rearranging thoughts and raising questions.

Grace abounds and amazing reconciliations and understandings bloom into joy.

The characters reached in and grabbed my heart, leaving shadows of subtle influence behind.

After an initial struggle to ease into Kathleen's rhythm and voice, I caught the nuances and rode it to the solid conclusion.
A sensitivity alert, also, as this novel contains grittiness that may be too intense for those looking for a simple escapist read.