Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ I Was Only ACTING!

As promised. Details regarding my new mini-career as an....(drum roll) actress.

My brother has begun a small film production company here in the heartland. Think Alexander Payne on a slightly smaller scale. A shorter scale.

It so happens that the first production "Sold Out" was in need of a mother figure.

You can view me in all my glory while my film son, husband and leech stare at me after I tried to ease the tension of the moment. I forgive my brother for the angle of the shot. Want to see it? Ready, set, click.

The above accompanying picture is much more flattering : ).

My part consisted of two lines. Actually three with a very crucial pause between two of them. The scene was stolen by one actor with zero lines. But I did feed him which kept up his strength.

As for prior acting skill builders, my first film experience was a Public Service Announcement in which I played a crowd member. The director singled me out and spoke to me. I made a big impression. This is what he said. "Hey! You in the brown. Quit smiling. This is a serious scene!"

Obviously my brother didn't read that on my resume.

Once the film debuts I will provide a link so you can watch it. I will warn you that it may hover around a PG-13 rating. I will also inform you that you should expect to laugh.

Hopefully my mothering skills will be required in future flicks. And if you want an autograph, just let me know. : )