Monday, June 09, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ You Know You Want a Puppy Update...

Gertrude and Gladys have grown quite a bit in their week at our place. Not doubled or anything crazy like that but they are bigger. The most amazing part is the increase in their coordination and steadiness. We have two or three steps to the out of doors and after they go potty they now can take the steps back into the house all by themselves. They can do the steps, but it's not graceful, but they can do em. 

However. I'm sure you don't want to know all of these details. Right? 

So here's just a short list of things that we've discovered or experienced this week with the girls. 

Nights that I was awakened at two a.m. ZERO
Mornings I was awakened by squealing just a wee bit earlier than my alarm?THREE. The worst morning? The 5:15 a.m. Poopageddon morning. Human babies finger paint with things that fall out of their diapers...or so I'm told. Apparently, adorable puppies can paw paint water bowls with certain substances as well. But only three mornings contained that substance in the kennel and only one included art. 

Reactions of other people? Everything from squeals to utter and complete disbelief that we succumbed to two puppies, to enthusiasm for the breed, to blank stares, to warnings about bad beagle behaviors in other beagles...pretty much the same kind of responses I got with announcements of my pregnancies.  (except for the beagle thing...but I believe the word breed was mentioned.)

Loads of puppy laundry? 

Guesstimate? Seven to ten. There was the Poopageddon morning. And the number of times where bladders didn't quite hold their liquid or puppy All-Star wrestling took place in the water bowl. 

Initial cost of our free puppies?

We thought ahead a bit. Got two sets of harnesses and leashes, because these speedy little suckers are going to need containment every time we get outside and are growing like weeds. We had to get a cute puppy bed, and a brush, and a brush/mitt, a few bandanas, a chewy toy or three, matching and adorable food and water bowls, food...soft puppy mush, and organic dried puppy kibbles for the near future. Chaching. $170.00. Note: My brother runs If you are looking for great prices on supplies, check them out. And $170.00 is a bargain, right? In entertainment value alone. 

What's been chewed on? Absolutely everything including finger, toes, ears, necks, socks, shoes...