Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ Books to Help in the Clean Up...

So, regular readers, you know I've been doing some soul searching in the past couple of weeks. I've also done a lot of reading.

Here are two book recommendations should you find the need to do any yourself. You can get further info by clicking on the book covers.

The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss Reviewed

James Kemp has crafted a little devotional book with a substantial
amount of meat. Based on the story within beloved and not so well known Seussian characters and books Kemp shares some the basics of the Christian life and faith. Topics like ecology, racism, forgiveness, humility and faith are covered in the thirteen short lessons. Only ninety pages, this is a perfect book for small groups. Though there are no follow-up questions, a creative person could easily craft some. Teens might find the writing a little adult but the ideas could easily be adapted for a youth group.

Wild Goose Chase Reviewed

I've found myself in more than one spiritual cage. At times I've wondered why the Christian walk had to be so cumbersome and hard. Other times I've found myself looking on at someone who bubbles joy or oozes peace and wondered what I'm doing wrong. Mark Batterson reveals some powerful ideas and help in identifying spiritual malaise and doldrums. He asks hard questions and gives life altering advice.

As with all really great and meaty books written about the Christian walk. Don't think you can buy this and gather help and wisdom by osmosis. This book requires that a person rise to the challenges and absorb the truth.

Wild Goose Chase will spark a bit of controversy in the usual circles that struggle with different ideas. The only negative I had was the occasional NCC commercial that seemed to run throughout the book. But then again, he was using his life as examples and NCC is a big part of his life.

This little book is packed with helpful thoughts and suggestions, Biblical examples and personal stories. I would recommend it to small groups as a great study. Or to individuals as a possible life changing adventure.