Friday, October 16, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Uber-Wife Points Continued Again.

My honey cooked all the meals on our winter camp-out. This was great. And delicious. When dinner is at eight p.m. and out-of-doors, and breakfast takes an hour to prepare you get really hungry.

And believe it or not, the sleeping was cozy. Rob made a nice little nest in our two-person tent and with the zipper closed and the many layers of covers I slept great.

Except for the snow/sleet bouncing off the tent.

And the bladder issue.

I knew we were sleeping at a state park. But I didn't think ahead on the more delicate details that might be involved i.e. that we had two choices for potty breaks...the woods....or the outhouse that was a quarter mile down the road. The solo adventurer was kind enough to drive me down to the outhouse after dark, after I realized that I didn't recall seeing any facilities and the only thing available was the woods. (I did mention the werewolves and the utter and complete darkness, the creepy trees...etc.etc.)

Let me just say the woods and I don't get along very well on a warm July camping trip when I'm only wearing one layer. Coordination is not a strong area for me. And any potty attempts in near freezing weather with my lack of coordination was recipe for disaster and hypothermia.

Through whining for now. I'll share the highlights of the hike on Monday.