Monday, June 30, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Beastie Update

Most of my puppy pictures of late are of sleeping pups, curious pups, blurry pups or a combination of the above. 

At 9 weeks Gertrude and Gladys have discovered some sweet skillz. 

Digging is a favorite. No reason needed, "just because" is enough.  Sometimes they get so busy digging that they forget to use the great outdoors for it's intended purpose. 

Yes. We can spend many, many minutes out-of-doors with much playing, figure-eight chasing and digging and not go potty at all. Working on that little scenario... don't want the babies to get their indoor/outdoor mixed-up like human babies get day and night confused. Eating leaves, bark, etc. is also a special pastime. Who knew a weed could be so exciting. 

Stair climbing is now second nature. But stair de-climbing sometimes requires squealing and whimpering and the help of a human. And vocalizing? Barking is a fun discovery, there is still plenty of buzz-type growling, and pre-howling is making an appearance. 

Cuteness? Off the charts.