Friday, September 06, 2013

Scraps and Snippets ~ Flexi-Vegan, Vegan Mofo

I had every intention of throwing together another batch of my new hamburger recipe to make sure I've nailed the spices. But I got home pretty late, annoyingly hot, and very hungry. Fortunately, Rob was just finishing up picking bounty from the garden. 

The potatoes and beans got sucked down too fast for a photograph...
We had the rest of the edamame salad, fried home-grown potatoes, grilled, seasoned summer squash, fresh sliced tomatoes, and just-picked green beans.

Yeah. That's what Vegans eat, Baby, and it was delicious! 
Only 5 grams of protein. But we could have added some whole grain bread (yep, grains have protein). A side of grilled tempeh, tofu, beans, nuts, seitan would also round the meal out.