Thursday, May 07, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ A Stroll After the Rain.

I left work at noonish and went to lunch with a few of my favorite peeps.

Our city has co-constructed a pedestrian bridge that spans our river and connects to the shore of the neighboring state. We decided to take a stroll. Pat and his Blackberry were in attendance.

Not sure why I'm leaning quite so much in the Pat prop picture, but I was. (I only drank water at the restaurant...just in case any of you are going there.)

You may notice that laughing looked like the emotion of the moment. That's because 22 had just told us that to take a flattering picture you tilt your chin up slightly and turn a bit to the side. And to make sure you never have a forced smile, you laugh right before the picture is snapped.

We had fun with that little morsel of information.