Thursday, August 18, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Piggie Farming

So X-ta asked if I farmed naked-footed. I started to answer the question in the comments and decided I had enough material for a blog post. Hmmm.

Well, what would you do?

And since one of the other comments was in the dulcet tones of Napoleon I say. "Whatever I want to. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The saga of the filthy, disgustingly gross, freaky foot commences.

The filthy foot is a result of the following:

1) not loving soggy feet so the refusal to wear tennis shoes.

2) Extreme cheapness. I don't want to buy boots just to get them all dirty and nasty. The rain boots I did wear were sweaty foot ma
kers. And I had these perfectly good (thanks, Mom.) five-year-old faux croc garden clogs just sitting around, under the deck, with the terra cotta pots and digging implements, waiting for garden season.

So after washing all the spider webs off, I called them good.

However, they kind of stink...not literally. I lost one strap and threw away the other so the pair matches. So, now they sometimes slip forward when I step back and vice versa.

Dirt also gets in them, big time.

When I do ANYTHING with water, including water such as dewdrops on the plants, I make MUD in my shoes.

Yes. Really. And the past few weeks when I was washing turnips and radishes in the lovely warm sunshine, I was seriously slipping and sliding inside my shoes. It's really surprising that I haven't wiped out yet. Hmmm. Should I rethink my footwear? I am naturally a klutz anyhoo. Can slippery footwear truly be a wise choice?

My little piggies love playing in their very own mud hole though, that's for sure.