Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ No, Mom, You Can't Take Any Pictures of Them Today...

I want to write about bunnies. I want to GUSH about bunnies. But & (which is my daughter's code name, should you wonder why my sentences contain weird &s) wouldn't let me take pictures of them. Their mama was being cuddled by & and their papa was munching grass and dandelions under watchful eyes. So the babies were allowed on my lap (in their box) so they could be near mama. 

You know how everything babies do is cute and fascinating? Well, that is true of bunnies. They are really spastic like newborn foals, completely unaware of how to use appendages. But while watching them Monday night I realized that their spastic movements have to be to work out those powerful little back legs so they can use them for hopping soon. 

Last night, one of them scratched it's little head with it's back foot. So cute. And another one stretched it's little pink paws out in a full body stretch. I wanted to cry because it was just precious. Here's a little video I shot Monday night. They are only squirming so it's not much to write home about. But. Really, does extreme sweetness need action and glitz?

Tomorrow I'll give you a farm update. No bunnies. I promise. Unless they do something really cute.