Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ April Projects Bring....?

Tomorrow begins two interesting and challenging "projects."

One. The Me Project book I reviewed a bit ago sparked some interest in tackling something that needs to be tackled. So. For 21 days I have committed to working on the book I'm writing with my buddy. I am writing the voices of an elderly lady and a 30-something male police officer. Yeah. A little out of my comfort zone. (Yes. I realize I'm opening myself up to a few co
mments about the elderly lady not being too much of a stretch.)

So beginning April 1st thru April 21st I will be spending focused time on this work in progress. I will be writing and rewriting and reading and learning and stretching.

And the second is even more interesting. We will be Vegan for the entire month of April. We've been into eating healthier and organic and local as much as possible the past three years. This was prompted by the desire to be healthier, but also because Rob was given the news that his rheumatoid arthritis had gotten to the point that he'd need to go on yet another medicine. An injectible. His pain level and the inflammation in his joints have really responded to the changes that we've made thus far. So much so that he doesn't need his break through pain medications. But the disease has not gone dormant and he hasn't been able to remove the big gun chronic meds that scare me the most.

A couple of friends have been really looking into Veganism because of their cholesterol levels and the desire to avoid having to take a medication. One of them has a strong medical background and she's digging into the science and research regarding animal-free eating. She is convinced. And she feels like a new woman after a few months of animal product avoidance.

Rob is a meat and milk kind of guy. This has been a tough challenge to convince him to give it a try. But he had a flare-up a month or so ago that left him unable to even function for a full 18 hours. Meat and dairy help inflammation thrive. And Rheumatoid Arthritis is not just aches and pains that kick in as we age. RA is an inflammatory disease where the body attacks auto-immune disease.

One month. He has agreed to one month meat and dairy free to see if it makes a difference in his life. I'm hoping it does. And it's up to me to feed him food that makes him think he's not giving anything up.

Expect to see posts regarding both of these situations because that is where my mind will be in April.