Monday, October 01, 2012

Scraps and Snippets ~ Vegan Month of Food ~ Decadent Desserts

 I kicked around a few ideas for the Vegan Month of Food. I considered recipe redo's from the standard classic cookbooks. But, nah, that left me feeling unchallenged. 

Exotic (to me anyway) ingredients was another idea. I've got Miso and Lucuma powder in my pantry and frankly they scare me a bit. What if I ordered some Maca and Irish Moss, too? But the fail factor of this adventure made me a little weak in the knees.

But then I went to Village Inn one night. I ordered the Fresh Strawberry Pie in an attempt to avoid animal products. And it really kind of tasted like chemicals and pretty much nasty. Someone with me had ordered one of my all time favorites, The European Truffle pie, and I took a tiny forkful, just to see if it was still all that and more. And you know what? I knew I could recreate it and make it better. So that's what I've been doing the past few weeks. I've been experimenting and creating some serious fails. But I've also managed to find some desserts that have made omnivores beg for more, too.
My Maple Caramel Pear Tart with Almond Biscotti Crumble was renamed "MORE" by an omnivore friend who said that's what she wanted " MORE!" And this friend travels the world and eats in the finest of restaurants. Nuff said.

So. You will see all the recipes of the desserts pictured here and some more as I work out the kinks. A total of twenty desserts. Some easy, some labors of love. Tomorrow I'll post the initial list of desserts I've picked out to recreate or make better because dang it, Vegan can be better.