Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Adventure Times Two

 So. It was an interesting Monday on top of an interesting weekend. I'll not focus on the computer issues aka crisis of monumental significance for the office (or sure seemed like it to a few folks). Nor will I focus on the furniture moving, the cleaning frenzy, the donating items I no longer want, the wearing of pajamas until 4:00 p.m, the wipe out on the back patio on Saturday. No, those are a story for another day. 
Let's talk about puppy digestion. I have just heard, twice, that pumpkin is a lovely binder and hence it will become a regular pantry staple item for the pups. Gertrude has a little tummy bug, she tossed her treats Friday afternoon and took a few extra visits outdoors for emergency style gotta-goes. I was a little concerned that she'd have overnight issues. I want to set them up for success. So I kept one ear open and sure enough a whining commenced at midnight. Because getting them in and out of the kennel, in and out of harnesses and wrangling them for leash attachment can be harrowing in normal circumstances, when a puppy has to go NOW that adds a bit of drama, so I decided to keep them in their harnesses and let them sleep with me on the couch. Every two hours we visited the frozen way-too-early-winter-wonderland to make a deposit.  

Night number one was a huge success. No accidents and lots of brisk fresh air. Saturday night the visits were even fewer to the great outdoors. And Sunday. Well. I think the fun factor kicked in. Maybe the tummy isn't feeling quite as punk. Maybe they are loving the freedom. But the picture of the back and front was pretty much a constant blur. One pup picked my hip, the other chose to sleep in the crook of my knee. But, wait, there needed to be circling. Lots of circling. And inching. And itching. And licking and then the growling because a sister crept a bit too close to a territory. 

Swimming with the dolphins, sleeping with the puppies, swimming with the sharks, sleeping with the fishes. Pick your adventure.