Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles - Leash Lessons ~ Shuffling Off...

After rereading Beth Moore's When Godly People Do Ungodly Things over the past several weeks I took the dogs for a walk. You'd think a heavy, thought-provoking book about restoration, healing and spiritual warfare wouldn't have anything to do with walking Lily and Lola.

Not so much.

We did an up and down circuit today, a route we've done partially before but never like today. Armed with my camera, three large plastic bags and two leashes we began our journey.

As our entourage moved forward at an erratic and frequently screeching-to-a-halt pace, I begin to see some spiritual applications.

Lily waltzed from side to side, mostly off-path, in the fascinating grass, rarely on the sidewalk. As she bounced, boinged, jumped and double-backed she managed to hobble herself at least a dozen times. Her steps became mincing, tiny shuffles because the leash wrapped around her legs and hindered her from enjoying her frequent attempts to romp along the edge of the path.

Me being the kind person that I am, had to bring the walk to a halt, stop her, and unwrap the leash so that her legs were able to take her where she wanted to go. Did she thank me? Not so much. Did she even recognize that she was free? Her mobility implied that was so, but, within minutes she was hobbled again.

Because I spent so much time huddled over an impatient dog I wondered if there were any times I got myself all twisted up spiritually and became unable to go where I needed and wanted to and I decided that I have indeed done this. Pretty much as often as Lily.

So, thank You, Lord for the times you have and will force me to stop so You can untie, untangle, unleash and settle me on my journey. Sorry about that...I am a creature of very little brain and focus.