Monday, December 02, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ December Has Arrived and What a Month November Was...

That means NaNoWriMo is no mo. Ha Ha. Sorry. 

How did I do? Did we get it done? 

I cracked out four final scenes on Saturday in an epic attempt to throw myself at the finish line tape. But. The tape didn't snap. However. Michelle and I wrote THOUSANDS of words (most of them keepers) during our marathon month of writing. We are almost done. I think 10 more scenes will finish it. Trust me when I tell you this….it feels so good to have this thing almost done. And it feels amazing to have enjoyed the process. The last time I put effort into the novel I felt like a fake writer. But plugging away at my blog, reading some good books, honing my skillz, has paid off in that I think I have now somehow incorporated the knowledge I've been chasing into something I can now instinctively do. Worth a million bucks. Not really. Writing pays peanuts, but grasping something elusive. That's a big deal. 

You have a dream? You going for something that feels like it won't ever happen, keep on keeping on. Never give up. And I'm preaching to myself. Clearly, the same will be true with the violin. BTW. I was able to write several scenes on my I-phone while in the nursing home and hospital with my mother-in-law, but I was not able to practice violin while visiting or watching and waiting. My violin took a back seat. No. Let me be honest. My violin took it's place in the trunk of my life last month. 

But, the times I played I remembered what I was supposed to do. That's a plus. And, I have made a commitment to this instrument and I can play. Like my teacher said every time I play I'm adding to the cosmic music of life (He didn't really say that, I kinda just boiled it into a ridiculous weird cheesy line for entertainment purposes. He did say every time I played I was making art.) 

November was crazy. What with my mother-in-law's fall and broken bones, to the procrastinated article and recipes I put off writing til the last minute, to a foodie holiday, to a book writing frenzy, to a effort intensive Arbonne business building activity, to a clean out the basement and take a load of stuff I'm not using and not going to use to the local mission I am glad to look behind me and then turn my face forward and take on December. One day at a time. 

The picture? Vegan German Chocolate Bars before they slid into the oven. A delicious creation. Recipe coming soon! Have an awesome Monday!