Thursday, March 08, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - The Watchers

Before I head off to the land of Vikings, and most excellent coffee, let me leave you with thoughts on a new book release.

Yes, I'm visiting Michelle, my French Press mentor and separated-at-birth twin. Yes, there is another person like me out there. You northerners might want to watch out.

Michelle tends to play the straight man, unless bent over double, laughing at my latest stupid human trick. She's the one who drew everyone's attention to my body smashed against the revolving door at the writer's conference in September.

But, she makes great coffee, and is pretty good at killing fictional characters. She's signed us up for a self-defense class Friday night. If you hear any loud crashes from the northern corner of the United States, it's probably us.

Mark Andrew Olsen, Christy Award nominated author of "The Assignment" has written a new supernatural suspense novel. Go to the Amazon buzz page:

My review of "The Watchers."

If you like globetrotting spiritual warfare novels, you're going to want to check out "The Watchers."

With a different twist on the standard warfare, "The Watchers" tackles some intriguing church history, and some tragic realities about the current state of religion. Crossing cultural and racial boundaries, Mark Andrew Olsen writes of an age-old demonic plan, and the way it could play out in our age of technology.

Some segments are truly creepy and will give the Big Honkin Chicken Club members a shudder or two. The novel reads very much like a screenplay and would be an action-packed movie. Christian themes of prayer and submission are well handled. The Gospel is present, obvious and not overdone.

Though written in omniscient POV, my least favorite, and though the main characters are not always believable, I found this an enjoyable read. My character issue likely stems from the omniscient POV. Dylan ended up being a little stereotypically alpha-male. But in a thriller genre, a reader generally isn't looking for depth of characterization.

Overall, Mark Andrew Olsen tells a great story with compelling writing.

Fans of Dekker, Peretti, Mapes and Mackel will find this a satisfying power-packed read.