Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scraps and Snippets ~ Pinterest/Blog Inspired Pasta Meal in One Pot ~ Delicious

I saw this idea on Pinterest and pinned it. How easy and promising, right? But for some reason I didn't quite wrap my mind around it. I was picturing soggy pasta and not so much taste. Then I saw this recipe that was for a smaller portion size and I thought I needed to just do it. I had mushrooms that needed to be diced and cooked, and already diced onions, and everything else except fresh basil. 

I used vegetable broth and added about a cup of diced mushrooms and about two teaspoons of dried basil. I did have to simmer it longer so next time I might either decrease the liquid a bit or plan to simmer it longer. I simmered for twenty minutes instead of ten and it was not mushy or over-done. Win, win. I also will probably use half vegetable broth and half water instead of all vegetable broth next time. Delicious. And definitely easy.