Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Ponderous Thoughts...

Things to ponder:

1) I had an ad on my page yesterday that I can't say I would support. But I have no control of the ads that are posted by the affiliate I'm associated with. Everything one reads on the internet is not necessarily the whole sum of reality. My ad had been replaced later in the day, and it certainly didn't tweak my reality. Just sayin. 

2) Pinterest can be a great thing. Or a really, really, really good way to use up stuff that lacks purpose or is destined for a landfill. It can also be a time-waster. In more ways than one. This letter K is an example. One would think wrapping twine around a cardboard letter would be simple and quick. Well. Neither. Hot glue = pain. Tacky glue = wicked mess. The final product is cute and cheap. But people. Trust me...any letter of the alphabet (expect maybe l, I know for a fact that G and E are two hour projects, too) will take two hours and make a crazy mess of your work station or hands. 

 3) I'm a big fan of not taking press completely seriously. Some of what we believe and embrace is clever marketing or agenda. Whether or not you agree with the information in this little infographic, it's worth considering.

Got Milk?

Provided by: http://www.learnstuff.com/