Monday, May 10, 2010

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Think It Through

I got an email from a publicist who has recently changed companies and is promoting a new book. She and I have had conversations in the past and so I clicked on the link to her new firm and read up on it. Turns out she's an award winning blogger in her neck of the woods and so, of course, I checked out her blog.

And I feel sad. Really sad.

Turns out she used to be a Christian until disillusioned by other Christians.

Now she's found Buddhist teachings and feels enlightened and back on a good path.

She said she's finally ready to accept that some people choose Jesus and that's okay in her book. After all, the teachings of Buddha are to let things go, and she thinks she can let go of the hate of the narrow-minded Christian philosophy that has ruined so much of our culture. (my interpretation, not her words.)

Why...why...why do we let other people crush our beliefs? Life is full of rude, arrogant, pushy, destructive, wounded people. People who say they are followers of some sort of belief or teaching don't necessarily "get it" nor do two followers follow identically.

It comes down to this.

Please. Please. Please. Don't let someone else's behavior or many someones' behaviors make a decision for you on something as serious as your spirituality.

Do all roads lead to Nirvana/Heaven/Happiness? Isn't that question important enough to really, truly look into? Your spiritual path is much more important than to let it be determined by default. Or others interpretations.

If Christianity has been "ruined" for you by a person or group of people consider this. Would a rotten fan or groups of fans change your loyalty to your favorite team? Would a book review or movie review keep you from picking up the DVD or book and reading the back cover? Would anti-buffalo sauce zealots keep you from trying the stuff? Or if your best friend had a peanut allergy would you avoid all peanuts all the time in complete and total support?

I don't want anyone to believe in Jesus because I do. Nor does He, actually.
And never would I want to put a media spin on Him, or by my words or actions change who He is to make Him fit someone's life. The Jesus that is presented by narrow-minded bigots or half-invested "feel good Christians" is not necessarily the real Jesus. He makes some outrageous statements and some mind-blowing claims. But you should check them out for yourself not via someone else's interpretation or behaviors.