Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ National Puppy Day Recap.

So. After I walked out to my car Monday morning, ready to leave for work, I found out Monday was National Puppy Day.

How did I find out this information? Was it on the radio? Nope. The radio didn't work. Actually, nothing worked on the car. 


As in totally dead-as-a-doornail dead. I believe the pups somehow sabotaged my attempt to get to work. Not sure how they pulled that off as they lack opposable thumbs and they don't get to wander off leash, but I'm sure they did something to keep me at home. 

Now. I could have accepted my co-worker's offer to leave her stressful early Monday morning portion of her job to come get me so I could do the one x-ray I had scheduled and the large pile of paperwork that will still be there tomorrow and the day after that. Rob was long gone. & and Toad-Boy already enroute to their jobs. Yeah, I spent thirty seconds wrestling with the idea of staying home vs. going to work. In the end I used a sick day for the sick car. That's the ticket. 

I checked my e-mail. Found out it was National Puppy Day. Questioned the girls and got nothing from them. 

I decided I should do something productive with my free day. So after I pulled out all my tax numbers and compiled them into a something the accountant can work with, the pups and I took a nap. Then we played and they helped me eat lunch. Played some more and basically turned a Monday into a National Puppy Day celebration. A good time was had by all.