Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Personality

Writers often seem to be melancholy personalities.
With great art comes great angst, right?

Those of us who produce things that can't be called great are maybe the ones who also define angst as a snagged fingernail or an annoying friend problem.

I do have annoying friend problems, but rarely lose sleep while I write epic novels dredged from the feelings inspired by said problems.

I also rate low on the fingernail obsessiveness chart.
A fingernail snag is easily remedied by a) teeth or b) jeans.
Seriously – denim works as a fingernail file in a pinch.
Wonder what fingernail chewing says about me? I don't chew them every day. Just at the perfect ripeness.

Here's a site to take a on-line personality test.

I am currently Choleric – 8 strengths – Phlegmatic – 8 weaknesses. I’m sure housekeeping and fingernail care would fall under weaknesses.

Is it a bad thing if my test results have changed dramatically from the first time I took it four months ago?
I used to be melancholy.
Guess I’ve been having a better week.
Hope yours is great as well.