Thursday, April 16, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ And My Middle Name Is (drum roll) Grace...not

Question. If a clumsy person is named Grace is that kind of an oxymoron?    

My middle name is Sue. Which is kinda weirding me out right now because I never think about Sue being part of my name. 

But I digress. My middle name is also not Claire as in clarity. Right? 

So back to the grace/Grace thing... You know those moments when if you were alone when something embarrassing happens and they'd just be normal or annoying events at worst? But when there is an audience you want a bag for over your head? Yeah. That's me.  

My road is is usually quiet. But yesterday there were three trucks and three men working just a stone's throw from my driveway. I didn't want to take more than one trip to the car while they were standing out there. So I piled my arms with stuff. Did I mention I'm klutzy? So climbing the cement steps I tripped over my own toes/shoe/a piece of lint and fell up the stairs. I oofed fairly loudly and dumped all the items I'd been carrying onto the sidewalk. I also scraped my forearm on the step. 

Hoping none of the men miraculously saw me wipe out I scooped everything up and hurried inside. As I pulled shut the door behind me I noticed one of the guys staring right at me. I gave him a sheepish smile and shut the door. At least it wasn't groceries,  a whole bag full of assorted fruits and veggies that would've rolled out into the street. So grateful for that.