Saturday, September 06, 2008

Super Cinema Saturday ~ Penelope

I love this movie, for the most part.

What I loved:

Penelope's sweetness and her every girl struggles, whether her looks or her mom or the very volatile combination.
The supporting characters were entertaining, most of them, anyway.
Quirky and attractive sets and wardrobe.
The fairy tale aspects.
The overall cleanliness of language and low crudeness level. There were only two comments that were suggestive and both were more double-entendre than outright crude.
Clever writing and storytelling.
Max's soulful eyes.
Mean people got theirs.

What I didn't love

The emphasis on drinking -- I was amazed at how many scenes had a character either talking about drinking or actually doing it.
Penelope's friends weren't really developed as friends.
The key relationship for Penelope was either not fleshed out enough or was resolved too quickly.
Her parents stayed in fairy tale la-la-land but Penelope grew up.

I will buy this film because I loved more than I didn't, and my kids are older. You might want to preview if drinking is a hot button for you. I think Penelope is supposed to be a fairy tale designed with a message for girls, but then it also tried to appeal strongly to adults. I'm not sure it's the healthiest mix.