Thursday, October 15, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ Getting in Shape God's Way

Discover the 4 Keys to Get Fit in Body, Mind & Spirit

- Key #1: Revelation—fitness beliefs—let go of the lies and invade your spirit with the real

· Key #2: Declaration—fitness words—speak the right words to influence your mind, volition, and emotions

· Key #3: Application—fitness function—infuse healthy activity for your whole person

· Key #4: Manifestation—fitness lifestyle—increase your quality of life: spirit, soul, and body

Discover ancient secrets that break the cycle of fitness failure

In his new book, Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Plan Work, author and fitness expert Ron Kardashian reveals the neglected, ancient secrets to making everything else—proper nutrition, exercise, and other healthy principles—work. Kardashian is a certified strength and conditioning coach and a fitness expert with over a decade of experience who has logged over 11,000 hours of one-on-one consulting in the realm of physical fitness and life development/coaching. The amazing results of his integrated, holistic approach have made him a powerful voice for worldwide change among people of every age, religion, and creed—professionals, CEOs of major companies, diplomatic leaders, clergy, and even royalty.

Getting in Shape God’s Way includes several resources designed to help readers maintain a fitness lifestyle. The fitness plan, complete with photos of Kardashian himself demonstrating proper form, is tailored for beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. Kardashian also offers a companion workout DVD. The food plan features basic principles for healthy eating, suggested meal ideas, and convenient lists of the healthiest foods and the ingredients to be avoided at all costs. Because the words we speak and the things we put in our mouths determine the direction of our lives, Kardashian also includes a list of “mouth fitness Scriptures” that will keep readers focused.

My Review:

This is an overall great overview of fitness and health. Kardashian, with enthusiasm and passion, details that diet and exercise are a full body, soul, emotion and mind connection. Without a change in how we think, any changes made will be only temporary.

This book is not a detailed diet book. There are few if any recipes. A list of good foods and avoidance foods are included, as are suggestions on how to find them. But the diet portion is just a few pages. The majority of the book is focused on changing the mindset from "doomed-to-be" to "this is whom I'm becoming." This change in thinking is very Biblically based and there are lots of scriptures and God talk within. Kardashian spends quite a bit of time of negative vs positive self-talk and explores some fascinating self-fulfilling prophecy type thinking. There is a section with pictures of exercise which was helpful. The included DVD was even more helpful in that area. He has a few moves I haven't seen elsewhere. There is very little rigidity. Those who want a "do-this-now, do-this-right-before-dinner" type of diet/fitness plan probably won't find satisfaction. Self-starters and those ready to change will benefit the most.

Those who don't really want God involved in the process will likely be frustrated. But then again, those folks might not pick it up in the first place. If you are looking for a real change and are open to letting God in on the process you could invest your money in far worse ways. With the included DVD, the cost of this book could be the perfect investment into changing your life at a bargain basement cost. If you don't want to change or if it will eventually end on a garage sale table or collecting dust on a bookshelf, don't bother.