Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Holes. Oh So Scary

stupid hole! 
 Here's an odd coincidence for you. (Or coinkydink as we often say referring back to Toad Boy's early reading days.) 

One of my high school buddies is a current co-worker who also happens to be named Kelly but with an I not Y. 

Not too long ago another co-worker was headed out to a local grocery store to use her free $10.00 gift card that came in the mail. That was a sore point for me, but I didn't say anything until other Kelli spoke up. You see, I have a hole in my wall and like an IDIOT I put important things on a little metal box that is near the hole. When I say hole I mean there is no drywall covering a small stud post. The kitchen counter butts right up to it and there are working lights within this column but there is no drywall. But there is on the other side. Finished drywall that is painted. And since my talented husband is building custom cabinets the cabinets under the countertop are sealed boxes. So anything that would slide down the hole is pretty much there for life. One day while looking through my important papers on top of my cute little metal box I heard a sliding sound followed by a plasticy wooden thunk. Immediately, I knew. 

Here's something you might not know about me. I'm, like, kinda cheap. Like a $10.00 free grocery card was, like, a big deal. A big deal. That's why it was in the spot where I keep all my important things by the hole. You might be wondering if a) I'm some sort of danger junky or b) an idiot. I would have to vote b. For reals. But enough backstory. 

So Kelli says. "Hey, I got one of those. But I lost it and I'm so p________ about it!" 

I looked at her, I suppose like the duh-duh-duuuuhhhh prairie dog on Youtube, "No way! Me, too. I was so angry. But it was my fault. What happened?" 

"It fell in a hole in my wall! I was carrying it with a bunch of papers down to the car and it slipped off and fell into a stupid hole in my basement wall. I was so p____________!" Kelli may suffer from being a wee bit cheap, too. 

"Mine, too. Mine fell in a hole in my kitchen, and I was so p__________, too!" 

What are the odds? Right? Sigh. Here's to whole walls and cheap groceries for all.