Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#17 QuitCHIR ~ Creaky Doors

Sometimes doors open into sunshine and fresh air. 

But a door can also open into shadows, gloom and the unknown. 

Not every darkened doorway leads to a bad outcome.  Just like sunlit paths that lead to the babbling brooks may not end in joy and happiness. 

Every cracked door and every opportunity has a risk. Because the sure thing might not last, or be a good fit or be the dream it promised. Shadows and unfamiliar noises can keep us from stepping over the threshold into into an opportunity that might be challenging, scary, and completely out of our comfort zones...and may end up being rewarding and beyond expectation.

It is our job to weigh the risks, count the cost of the worst case scenario, and look inside at our fears and insecurities. People of faith will seek God and pray, but people of faith also know that God does not think like we do, nor does He want us to remain unchanged and unchallenged. His goal is to transform me until I look more like Jesus and less like me. 

Here are some of the thoughts I wrestle with when faced with a door.  Is what lies beyond too risky? Or is my belief that I'm a (insert insecurity, lie you believe, etc. here) going to render me unable to let go of the doorknob, step into the unknown, and follow a path that disappears at the horizon ? And which decision will carry the most regrets for me in five years, ten years and beyond?

There are few large decisions that don't require a little hesitation when the cold metal doorknob rests in your hand. And that's okay. Hesitate, but don't let fear paralyze you.