Tuesday, January 08, 2013

QuitCHIR Day 2...Adding a Little Positive Into the Yuck...

QuitCHIR (Quit Complaining, Harumping, Imploding, Raging.)

Thursday and Friday at the office were pretty tough. Reentry after a few days of family and friends and celebrating holidays is tough. But when there are changes, transitions and unknowns on top of it, and several women who don't always deal well with any of these, negativity is a mushroom cloud. We all got a 1 1/2% raise and the government took 2%. We work in medicine which changes every year, more so this year than usual. Staff has changed, and folks are dealing with car issues, family problems, diets, and just overall stress. Monday, the first day that I had decided to pay attention to the waves of negativity I surf I got an eyeful and I just gotta say. WHEW!!!! I'm not sure there were any uplifting, positive comments uttered. Oh, there was black humor and sarcasm aplenty. But as funny as sarcasm is, it's simply disguised cynicism. One of the best things about my job is that when my morning appointments are done, the rest of my day is flexible, and I can come early and leave early. That can be a lifesaver. When I go in before we open, I have silence or lowkey interactions for long periods of time. Two of my coworkers do the opposite. They come in late morning and stay after we close up shop. Are we instinctively trying to create nests of sanity in our world?

What do your environments look like? The same quagmires? Do you have a safety net?

Today, I suggest that when we recognize a negative thought, or comment coming out of our mouths, or even out of the mouths of others, that we toss out something positive. Simply look at our half empty glass and pour something into it so it begins to look half full. You don't have to attack your friend, family member or co-worker with a glitter wand, though I'm thinking that could be VERY effective in some situations. Positive can be remembering that if there is a huge pile of horse poo there's gotta be a pony, right? Look for the pony in the poo. Or, maybe. put on the eyeglasses of compassion and agree with your coworker that maybe life is hard, but.... the sun is shining. You've both got your jobs and that she's good at her job. Don't forget to look inward and combat self-talk, too. Use this tool against your own inner monologue of negativity. You, each of us, has something to offer the world. Sometimes the most simple act can mean the most. Being kind, patient, upbeat or gentle can make someone's really rotten day begin to look up, even if that really rotten day is yours.