Monday, March 12, 2012

Scraps and Snippets ~ What My Tastebuds Told Me....

April 1st brings my one year Vegan anniversary.

How about an update? For starters, will I stick with a Whole Food Plant Based Vegan diet?

Well, here's the rambling answer. I did shed 20 pounds within two months of getting rid of dairy and I've kept it off without dieting or depriving myself. Rob's gnarly Rheumatoid arthritis affected knuckles are now normal looking. I feel better and have more energy.

Throughout this year I was an imperfect Vegan.

Though I've stuck pretty close to the goal of eating animal product free I've had moments where I've succumbed to dairy. And one where I gave into meat in the past year. Rob has done so more, but that's his story, not mine.

The meat was something I never thought I'd go for and it shocked me...I ordered and ate a sausage mcmuffin...last July. On our trip. I had a moment of hungry insanity and that was what I picked. UGH. Not even tempted anymore...not even in a moment of insane hunger. But that little slip taught me that I didn't want to slide those fast food grease bombs down my gullet anymore. Wasn't worth it.

The dairy moments have been infrequent but they've happened. A few times at a party I'd eat a slice of dessert so as to not hurt someone's feelings. (And, really, if something's going to get me, it's going to be dessert.) Last night I went down big time. We went to an event for Rob's job that was a dessert mecca. I fixed a plate knowing full well it was loaded with dairy. And boy oh boy, I regret it. My tastebuds have changed. As I was tasting some of the desserts I was calculating how much sugar, dairy fat, non-organic dairy and GMO products went into each creation. Flashbacks from documentaries and articles I've read filled my thoughts. Not pretty thoughts at all.

What's more, I really tasted the items. Honestly, they were good. But. Really, truly, the things that we are producing in our kitchen are as good if not better than what we ate. (They are better, they taste good and they are full of grain, fiber, decreased processed sugar, less fat and as organic or local as possible, I feel good about that.) 

I left behind a plate littered with dessicated dessert parts and a renewed appreciation for the changes we've made in our diet. I also left with a headache, a gurgly stomach and sinus pain. Chances are I'll pay for a few days while my body processes the feast.
So. Will I remain Vegan? I'd rather eat clean and feel better. I'd rather eat organic. I'd rather eat dairy free. So. Yes. I will continue with this new way of life. Because, it's just that, a new way of life.