Monday, July 05, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Boom Across the Board.

Sigh. Including the amazing kitchen activity, my weekend was fantabulous. When it begins with a honey doing something that makes me weak in the knees and involves lots of friends, family and fireworks, what's to complain about? Then, the added bonus...Monday off of work. Yay!!!!

The Monday off of work will be paid for later because work piles up even on holidays. And my hind-end will be screaming at me, too. Odd combo, I know. 23's Crossfit fanatic, personal trainer friend spent the night. This morning dawned with cooperative weather, her gym was closed and she had a workout to do that we could do with her. (Well, modified, thank heavens!) So. On a rare mildly comfortable July noon time 23 and I rotated through a routine that included 60 push-ups, 80 squats and 140ish lunges!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling great except when I have to sit down or use steps in either direction. So. Based on past experience with sore bun muscles, I will be doing a workout tomorrow just for a bit of relief.

Hope your weekend was GRAND! I'm looking forward to posting some new pictures of additional changes in the kitchen. : )