Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Where Are We Today?

I'm nowhere but here, kids. I know. This book tour flurry is now down to a manageable soft smattering of appearances. However, I do have a few things. 

Michelle dissects how to do a book launch party, here
Zula's POV regarding the book launch party is here

What can I add? Oh, that it was a blessing in so many different ways. The best part might have been when the party was almost over, aka safe for curious hands to be touching food and stuff, my grandkiddoes showed up. Of course it was all they could do not to scatter and search for the coolest stuff but fortunately the mocktail table with the bright colors and cherries on toothpicks caught their eyes. I happened to be standing there signing a book. When I passed the book over their heads little boy saw the back cover and my picture. He started pointing at it and his eyes grew huge. 

"Yeah, buddy, that's what this is all about, why we are in Minnesota for the weekend. Grandma and Aunt Michelle wrote this book." He was impressed. Til he saw the food table anyway. 

Enough warm fuzzies to still be keeping me smiling though. Once Upon a Crime was incredible to work with and their store is just pretty perfect. If you are ever in the area and you love a good mystery you should pop in. The poster they made for their front window that publicized our book will be hanging permanently in the store because Michelle is one of their locals. Good people. Great store. 

Michelle is here, today, sharing a bit about her side of the Out of the Frying Pan journey.  

Our Goodreads giveaway is still live. Relz Reviews and Fiction, Faith and Fun are running ones, too. 

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