Friday, April 19, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Strange Thoughts...

If you ran away and joined the circus, what would your role be? Would you run a concession? Would you train elephants? Be a clown? Ringmaster? Why? 

I would NOT be a clown. I would NOT want to taint another generation of innocent children. In case you don't pick up on the tone, clowns are not my favorite critters. FEARFUL and a little creepy. But, I did have a bad clown experience. I was five...something unexpected and loud happened, I spilled my popcorn. And another incident at a circus had me spilling a very large, very sticky pop down the back of the person in front of me. But that had nothing to do with clowns.

What I would do? Feeding peanuts to elephants. Yes. Low level trapeze. Six feet off the ground. I'd do that.  Maybe five feet.